Your step-by-step plan for mastering handstands on and off the pole…
We all know how impressive strong, controlled handstands look! If you’ve been working on your handstands, you’ll also know exactly what a challenge it can be. Addictive and frustrating in equal measure. Not to mention a little terrifying at times!

12 week training programme

I’ve joined forces with the amazing Pole Freaks to develop a step-by-step training programme, which provides a structured plan for you to master your handstands with detailed video instruction through each phase.

You will learn:

  • How to safely train and strengthen your body for better handstands
  • Powerful drills to help you master your handstand technique on the pole, against a wall, and free standing
  • Conditioning exercises to build stronger shoulders, wrists and core muscles
  • How to deadlift into your handstand on the pole
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced options for all stages of handstand training

I will show you the progressive approach to take your handstands from the point you’re currently working at, to advanced techniques on and off the pole.

What you get:

When you sign-up for the Handstand Fundamentals programme you receive unrestricted ongoing access to detailed video tutorials and bonus materials.

These include…

  • 63+ minutes of HD video (to stream to your mobile device or download)
  • 22 training videos providing clear instruction through each step
  • Exclusive Handstand Training Q&A session
  • My detailed twelve week training programme
  • Exclusive discounts on pole wear from our sponsors Dragonfly

If you’re serious about mastering your handstands on and off the pole, this is the ideal resource allowing you to learn tips and tricks from me!