Charlotte has been lucky enough to teach her workshops all over the world & just loves to share her passion with her students! All workshops can be catered for all levels to help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way!

To find out availability or to book a workshop contact Charlotte on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upcoming Workshops


13th - Workshops Pole Station
14th - 121's available
27th - Bristol Pole Champs


10th - Yorkshire Pole Champs
24th - JLN Pole Championships, Bolton
25th - Workshops @ JLN, Bolton


2nd - Heir to the Chrome- judging & sponsor
22nd - Dance Inspire Competition
23rd - Workshops @ Dance inspires


12th - Pole World Festival Workshops 
26th - Charlottes Pole & Aerial Bootcamp 


1st - Twisted Pole workshops, Nottingham
8th - Pole Essence Workshops, Somerset
15th - Workshops, Cardiff

Available Workshops

Stretch & Balance

Stretch & Balance

Charlotte was not naturally flexy when she started pole & now she wants to share her top tips and tricks to assist you on your flexibility journey. Starting with a fun high energy warm up, moving on to partner drills and stretches & finishing off with some bendy balances

Acro-Pole Fusion

Acro-Pole Fusion

Using Charlottes Gymnastic background she will teach you the tricks to flipping, balance & bending around the pole using smooth & unique transitions into your pole & floor moves.

Everything Handstands

Everything Handstands

Learn how to balance, transition & make pretty shapes on your hands, elbows and chest on and off the pole!!!! Technique, Partner drills & fun conditioning prep will help even the most timid of students invert with confidence! Life is better upside down....all the sad things fall out!

Tricks, Flips & Bends

Tricks, Flips & Bends

From strength to flexy to dynamic moves! Charlotte can teach you the tips & tricks to nailing those ‘popular’ moves!!! This class has a huge variety of tricks, spins and combos with options to suit every level!

Did you know Charlotte also offers 121 & group training sessions?

121 and Group training sessions are available with Charlotte at Charlotte Robertson Pole & Aerial Fitness. You can choose how long you want to train for and what you would like to work on...Pole tricks, Flexibility, handstands & more!

Price is dependant on how many hours/days you would like and how many people

Send Charlotte an email to for more info!